Digital narrative game

I played six games: Spent, BBC Syrian refugees, Depression quest, bury me my love, On domestic abuse, know yourself. Those games taught me how to look at things from a different perspective, to put myself in other people’s shoes and make decisions that can change their life. Spent and BBC Syrian refugees gave me a glimpse of what those people are enduring, while playing these two games I felt stressed, pressured and anxious, I was trying to make the perfect decisions to avoid any bad consequences. And they made me understand how we take so many things for granted. During the Spent game, I had to think about so many detailed costs and expenses that I don’t usually think of and with a very tight budget. I understood how one day you can have money to put food on your table and the next day you don’t. Whereas for the BBC Syrian refugees, it made me see how stressful it can be to make the right decision and even question what is the right decision that suits a certain situation, I got to feel or see a very small part of the refugees journey, the challenges that they endure and the sacrifices they are forced to make. Moreover, for the Depression quest, it was very detailed, I was able to relate to a lot of things that the man was going through. The details of his feelings, his confusion, anxiety, lack of motivation, sadness perfectly illustrated depression, and not knowing how to describe or put into words what you are going through because you yourself don’t understand what is happening. The scenarios in this game were very detailed and realistic, it was very informative and shed light on what depressed people have to go through and how to deal with them. Also for bury me my love, the style of a conversation or chatting made it very realistic, as if I was indeed a part of it and texting Nour, and in fact with every time she wouldn’t reply or reply late, I would start getting stressed and worried that something happened and that I would find out that she died in the bombing. Additionally, it made me imagine what Nour was telling, the ruins, the bodies, the little girl and the hospital, it was as if I was with her, and this helps more in delivering the message and understanding more the purpose of the game. The game On domestic abuse was very informative, it shows how different women can deal with domestic violence, whether it be by taking an action or not doing anything at all, it helped me understand and see both perspectives and certain women would choose to stay silent and that it is not easy for everyone to speak up. Finally, the Know yourself game helped me see things from various perspectives, and look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on a small detail that would lead to prejudice. And I found out that indeed, we all have a judging part in us even if we are not aware of it, and the questions and situations in this game made me realize that. Overall, I learned a new thing from each of these games, they were very informative, eye opening and most importantly were very successful in making me feel and empathize with the people in them. Because all of those six games focus on your feelings and how you feel in the situations they put you in, be it stress, worry, anxiety, anger and fear. And those exact feelings are what the individuals in those games are going through, yet each one of them delivered them in different interactive ways such as questionnaires and chatting.
However, I found some of those games extremely long and with so many paragraphs like the Depression quest and also Burry me my love was a bit slow, it takes too long until something happens. The visuals and pace in spent and BBC Syrian refugees were ideal, it keeps you interested, whereas the rest needed more visuals and the amount of text needs to be reduced or to find other alternatives to deliver the message, for example alternate between different styles and methods in one game so the viewer or player would stay interested and continue the game
Links to the games:

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