Final Reflection

I took this course because I was told that it was an easy course,I didn’t know what it talked about or what was it about. I just wanted a light core course to balance a bit all the other hard courses I am taking. I took a lot of core courses, but I never paid as much attention as I did in this course. I truly learned a lot of things whether it be about myself, about specific topics or new tools. First of all, I enjoyed all the topics we discussed and how varied they were. The ones I really liked an learned from were the article ” Othering and belonging  ” by John a Powell and Stephen Menendian, where it was very interesting how it tackled the idea belongings and acceptance and how people tend to marginalise the ones different from them without actually getting to know them,and how people fear the unknown,and for them anyone from a different race, cultural and religious background represents the unknown, Also it was interesting how they connected the topic of demagoguery to to the idea of bothering and how politicians and the stakeholders act as the fuel that ignites bothering between people because it serves their hidden agendas. Moreover the other article that I really liked was Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both, before taking this course I honestly didn’t know the difference between both, I thought they were the same thing. I wrote a reflection on this article on my blog Digital literacies pathway.I also learned about digital privacy and online safety, how our data is being tracked and our privacy can easily be breached without us knowing, so this made me pay more attention to the apps i am downloading and the terms and conditions that I agree on. I also learned about different tools, and the ones that really stood out the most were slack, wordpress and and I would definitely use them in the future and recommend them to other professors. You can check my blogpost on Tools for learning reflection. If I were to show people things I learned about in this course, I will definitely show them my blogposts and digital literacy, because anyone who knows me knows that I am not that interested in technology, I am more of a politics person. So they would be surprised that I am discussing such topics and starting to build a solid and firm knowledge about. (Digital literacies pathway, Digital literacy pathway ( the Theory path))

It is hard to suggest changes to this course, because with complete honesty this was the best course that I had this semester, it didn’t use the normal tools that we are used to, it was very engaging, and there was a varied use of videos, activities,talks,etc). I would suggest that this course should definitely be an on campus course if possible, because it would have made the experience way better, for example conducting the activities in the gardens). I also suggest the use of a game called Kahoot ( Kahoot! | Learning games | Make learning awesome! ) It would engage the students more and help them learn better about a certain topic. I also appreciated the variety of topics, because not everyone is interested in the same topic, so they would engage less if it was focused on one only.We tackled social issues mixed with politics when we discussed Othering and belonging, also tackled technology and digital media when we discussed the data detox including privacy and safety Data Detox Kit , in addition to a lot more topics. So in one course, we learn about different interesting topics instead of focusing on just one. Finally, I would definitely recommend this course to anyone I know who wants to register in a global studies course or who’s interested in the topics we discussed. It was very nurturing experience and a very interesting core class, where people will enjoy both the learning process and the ambiance of the class.

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