Activities and resources to be used in future classes

For future classes,specially if it would online and not on campus,I would recommend using Kahoot ( Kahoot! | Learning games | Make learning awesome! ) and Classcraft ( They are fun new games that would help engage the students more. For example, Kahoot is a form of a fun quiz, the professor can post questions about a certain topic in which he/she wants to make sure that the students are fully grasping in what it is about and are focused, it is timed, there is a winner, it can also be played in groups and compete against each other,this acts as a very good icebreaker at the beginning of the semester. It can be used in topics such as digital literacy and digital skills difference, questions from the readings of the Data Detox Kit. Instead of reading and writing in a google slide, students can use this game to demonstrate what they learned.

Moreover, the game called Classcraft,it is a sort of a video game, that engages students in the class. “Students can create their own avatars that have special powers. They play in groups. If someone ignores a deadline, it may fire back on the whole group. Working together and having respect for each other is very important.Students can gain different points by playing by the classroom rules. For example: students who help other students receive a certain amount of points. When they have enough points, they can use a power like: the “warrior” can eat in class”. They can also lose those points by not playing by the rules. If they lose all their points they get a sentence like: bring a treat for the whole class or hand in an assignment a day early.You can choose every power and sentence. Classcraft also has a timer and a stopwatch available, as well as a quiz tool where the avatars have to battle a “boss”. In order to beat the boss, they have to get the answers right.”

This game would help develop communication between students and make them get to know each other more and work together, it is also a new and unusual way of education that would definitely grab the students’ attention and would make them put their best into the course.

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