Phase 5 reflection

Our game (zeina eissa and Hana ) COVID-19  discusses the financial and mental impact of covid 19 on people. The aim of this game is to get people to empathise with each other, to try to put themselves in other people’s shoes and get to see how Covid 19 is affecting people differently. The aim of the game, is that the player takes a minute and understand how hard it was on some people, and how important it is to lend a hand whenever it’s possible.Because corona is affecting everyone regardless of their social or economic class. Hence when the player plays this game, he/she should empathise with the characters but also feel blessed if they never had to go through that and appreciate what they have.We did our game on google slides and it consists of 20 questions, each did 10. Zeina was responsible for the mental impact scenarios while I was responsible for the financial impacts scenarios. At the beginning we started with 5 scenarios only, however we kept developing it and adding more consequences. Our game was missing an important element which is the next button, but we managed to fix it, however if we had more time, we would have a lot of pictures, played with the colours of the slides in order to make it more interesting. I believe that the scenarios and their consequences are well written and realistic, however it is missing the visually appealing part, so if we had more time I believe we should have worked on this point.


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