Reflective learning journal

Throughout this journal i will focus on comparing between the psychological effect of Covid 19 on me during spring 2020 and fall 2020. I am personally a person who hates sudden changes, any sudden change that occurs can give me anxiety, so suddenly shifting to online classes during spring 2020 was not easy at all. I used to spend most of my time at the university, I see people everyday, I hang out with my friends on a daily basis and then suddenly, we are in quarantine, we can’t go out or see anyone. So this was a huge shift for me, I am not a person who can stay at home for a long time, yet I stayed home for more than 4 months without seeing my friends and family and without going out at all. So this already was very emotionally draining, to grasp in what’s happening in the world, being scared of this new disease that no one knows exactly everything about and the possibility that our loved once might catch it and not make it. So in addition to all the things mentioned, we were asked to continue our classes online normally, with the normal workloads, mode of teaching and exams. It was a very stressful time, a lot pf professors were not understanding at all and continued their method of teaching without any leniency regarding deadlines or the grading of exams as if we are on campus and everything is normal. Nevertheless, other professors were very understanding and lenient with deadlines because they took into consideration the heavy mental impacts that the covid 19 had on us. During spring semester, I barely attended the online classes on Zoom, the workload was unbearable so instead of attending the classes I would be working on my submissions or sleeping because I didn’t sleep the night before also because of the submissions and due dates. It was a very hectic and stressful semester because it was hard to focus on university when there is world pandemic happening, it was scary.

However, when it comes to fall 2020, it was way much better, my professors were very understanding and lenient with deadlines. I felt that both professors and students were more ready and calm during fall 2020 than in spring 2020. Professors became more comfortable with using zoom and communicating with the students, and I also got adapted to the online learning, it still is not as good as the on campus experience, but the efforts put by the professors were honestly remarkable. I felt like the semester flew by, and was not emotionally heavy as in spring 2020. Also when it comes to the psychological effects of corona, I believe that we are not as scared as we used to, we still take our precautions, but now we know what we are standing against and the protocol to fight it, so this helped calm people down a bit including me. In spring 2020, it was a lot to take in all at once, a mysterious virus spreading like fire,flights getting suspended so we can’t see our families and shifting to online learning so it was very mentally draining.It is fascinating how humans can adapt real quick to a new change. In spring 2020, if someone told me that fall 2020 is going to be better and everything would be manageable, I wouldn’t have believed it. Also this actually reminded me of a topic we discussed in class which is Empathy. Empathy does make a huge difference, students including myself would never forget the professors who tried their best to help them during the online learning, empathised with them and were understanding because we are all at the end in this together, and they will never forget the professors that were inconsiderate and harsh and disregarded the existence of a pandemic and didn’t think of how this might affect their students. For future students, I would like to say to just take it easy, it will definitely pass, the online learning is not the bad if you get adapted to it and manage your time wisely.

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